Fee Categories

Classroom Technology and Events has three levels of fees for chargeable equipment rentals, staff time and room rental charges. Fees for equipment and staff time are generally waived for undergraduate and graduate, credit generating courses (excluding self-sustaining programs) held in general assignment classrooms and departmental class laboratories.

For late fees, cancellation fees, and delivery fees, please see the Fees Addendum.

  • Instructional Discount rate is a subsidized fee schedule that acknowledges the importance of indirect and self-sustaining instructional activities by University Schools and Colleges. Also included in this rate are high cost/labor intensive activities that cannot be provided without partial re-imbursement to CTE.
  • University Activity rate schedule is based on CTE's actual costs to provide services to University Schools and Colleges, student organizations and campus-wide events that are outside direct and indirect instructional program.
  • Off-Campus rate is charged to all non-University events and programs that use CTE staff and equipment. All rates are subject to change.


  • Course development by UW Faculty and Instructors
  • Educational Assessment
  • ROTC for operator and equipment, N/C for room
  • Other instruction activities determined on a case by case basis by the Manager of Media Services and Kane and MGH Reservations


  • Alumni Association sponsored lectures, meetings, performances and events
  • ASUW/GPSS sponsored events
  • Continuing Education programs
  • English Language Program
  • Evening Degree Summer Quarter Classes
  • Executive Programs courses
  • Experimental College classes and events
  • Graduate Student Orientation programs
  • Graduation, Freshman Convocation and other University ceremonies and events
  • Non-credit Extension courses
  • School and College sponsored conferences, short courses and meetings
  • Student organization and group sponsored events
  • Summer Quarter class support
  • Training and Development
  • University Faculty sponsored public performances
  • Other University of Washington. Affiliated activities determined on a case by case basis


  • Non-University group or activity
  • All other public (federal, state, city and county) agencies, institutions and schools
  • Other activities not listed above

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